June 26, 2011

Who Would You Want to Meet Dracula or A Queen?

I think that most people would at some point want to meet someone famous, and that they want to see who they are and what they do-- outside of the limelight.  So For a bit of fun:  If you are allowed to meet someone from Transylvania, even a character based on a novel, who would you want to meet?


Vlad Tepes?

a Queen of Romania?

Someone from the nobility?

What makes someone so interesting?  Is it photos?  Is it what is written about them?

If it's something you want to do who would you rather meet and talk to?  I would have to say many people from Transylvania are on my list!

June 22, 2011

Publishing about Transylvania is Like Making Connections

It shouldn't matter where you publish your work so long as it is well written and edited. Really, what should be the most important thing is that you have written a book, edited a book, edited this again, have a person look it over and then get it published, with affordability in mind (if self-publishing) and professionally as possible (no matter which route you take.)
I don't think, if you write something that is full of cliches, of poor editing or of old "worn out" plots, it will matter where you publish either. Your writing is your business, and this business is hard.  Again the same holds true on whatever topic you publish on in this case publishing about Transylvania.  In other words you have to make connections to a place.

A good book is a good book is a good book, as the saying goes. The same can be said about a bad book...

I don't think it matters were you publish, if you have a good book, you are more likely to have a traditional publisher publish your work, but then again, if you know the size of your market, you will have more of a chance to know where, and how you should publish.  You have to make connections, and with history, you have to find these connections, to the place, such as Transylvania, or to people.  It is about connecting with your readers, they are smart and they know what they like.  They will make you book matter... but it's you who makes them find it good or have them enjoy it so much that it matters to them.
Again the most important thing about writing.... is writing a good book.

June 20, 2011

Is Bran Castle Cool?

Some will say that Bran Castle is something that the Romanian government uses to get more money for them.  Well who doesn't when it comes to money and a country.  Bran Castle is one of those great historical attraction for many people.

People who love Dracula, and for people who love history.

Therefore, Bran Castle is cool.

It is related to a novel, by Stoker, which is called Dracula, which is a play on Vlad Tepes name of Vlad Tepes Dracul. Still the real man, it seemed did not live within these walls.

Yet,t eh city of Brasov was one of his targets after his rise to power. Still it would have been cool to have some more famous people living there, other than its famous occupant Queen Maria.  No, it is Maria's descendants who now own Bran Castle and not Vlad Tepes's descendants.

June 16, 2011

Is Dracula Related To Anyone? Does He Have "decendants?"

This is Sibiu, which used to be known to the Saxons as Hermannstadt... this has a link to Vlad Tepes, better known to the Western world as the man behind the famous character by Bram Stoker Count Dracula.

The thing is that Vlad Tepes had descendants-- his granddaughter lived in Sibui after the murder of her father, Vlad's son.  So he did have children and grandchildren.  There is also a connection with the British Royal Family and Queen Mary of the United Kingdom, who is a descendent of Vlad Tepes.

As for Count Dracula--- he was undead and as far as reading the book by Bram Stoker Dracula-- he did not have descendants. Although he may have had a child.

June 13, 2011

Another British Writer and Transylvania

British Writers must love Transylvania.  In fact one can argue that the British in general love Transylvania.  After all the prince of Wales has a estate in Transylvania, and then there is Bram Stoker.

Also Robert Browning, and the famous Pied Piper book.  If you get an older version of his poem it end s with the speculation that the Pied Piper, without his money for the rats, took the children to Transylvania.

This of course is pure speculation, but in the end one might never know what happened with these children from Hamlin.  Still, it is an interesting idea.  The Saxons are of course from Germany....

June 11, 2011

Wallachia Connection: One Vlad Tepes

Vlad Tepes was born in Transylvania, which made him a native of the Principality of Transylvania.

The point which most people seem to forget about was that he was a prince of Wallachia, and his father was exiled. His father had other children, but Vlad was born in a Saxon village, which has a statue of him there.

So yes, there is a Wallachian connection to Transylvania. Not just a Hungary Royal connection to the land.  Not with Bran Castle, but with the villages and cities of the Saxon people.

June 9, 2011

Transylvania is a Great Place to Visit.

Transylvania is a must visit place, and most seem to have it on their to do list. They will go there one day, they simply aren't sure when.

For example if you go to Hungary it is simply a plane ride to get to some of the most beautiful parts of Europe.  There is so much to see... Alba Iluia and Bistrista are high on my list... Not so much Bran Castle.  Sibui and many others are also on this list.  It is a place you can visit and never see enough of.

Also, UNESCO heritage sites are places one must go and see.  If you are in Romania, this is a must add to your list, as Transylvania was long sought after by Romania, and in 1919 became a part of Greater Romania.

June 7, 2011

Dracula is a Money Business

It appears that Dracula is a money business, in other words this means that someone wants to make money with the character... I've noticed that sales for Dracula the un-dead by Dacre Stoker are going up....

The thing is that I suspect that there is a movie in the works....

Not to suggest that this is a bad thing, but you know, one can not relate the person of Vlad Tepes and the character of Count Dracula as being the same person.  I also think that pushing a new character who was a serial killer is a bad thing.

Of course if this means more money for tourism to Transylvania I am all for it. Given that Dracula is a money maker this shouldn't be too hard. There are more than one city related place in Transylvania that would be helped because of this.

June 3, 2011

Yes the Books On Transylvania-- is About Transylvania

I was asked this question:  the book you are publishing it is about Transylvania?

Yes, my book is about Transylvania, it is about the Saxons of Transylvania, so it can be said that it is about Transylvania.  Which is in a way all about the land that people have lived in for centuries.

And no, it does not deal with Dracula or the Pied Piper or myths, but with real people.

June 1, 2011

Transylvanian Saxons and the Pied Piper

Although most will classify the Romanian Royal Family ( the current Royal family) as mostly German, there is a lot more German in Transylvania than most would imagine.

It all began with the Pied Piper.  I think that he is a much better myth than the Dracula myths.

Maybe it is because some might think it is a bit of history after all, there are still Saxons who live in Transylvania, or may be it was the timing of everything.  See, the myth of the Pied Piper developed around the same time frame that the Saxons began to move to Transylvania.