October 3, 2012

If Transylvania Makes a Good Book... Publish Another

People want to learn about the place and the culture and the history of Transylvania, Romania and that they can learn that the history of the land goes beyond simply Dracula and Castles (or to be more specific, Bran Castle).  There are plenty of cultural cities where tourists can learn about the people and the history of Transylvania.  And there are the writers who publish books about Transylvania.

Transylvania has so much to offer to a writer, especially one who has plans of writing several books.  There are already plenty to choose from on Amazon and other on-line book stores .  That means that a writer must publish a interesting book.  The famous Bran Castle has many books written about it, so a writer needs to find a good niche and then they need to write more within that niche.

Transylvania, Romania, the people and place, is a great subject for a book because a person can write and publish many books on different facets of the subject.  The history of Transylvania goes back to before the Roman Empire and there are many people who know about Dracula and the myths surrounding Bran Castle.  Tourism is a market that is well suited for a writer since there are many places that people can go and see in the area, and still be able to travel around Europe at a reasonable cost. Because Transylvania is close to Hungary and other countries, Romania has a strong tourism branch in their government.

 It is important that a writer takes the time to learn about the land and the people in the area and also makes sure to publish a book that accurately portrays the cities of Transylvania, and of Romania as a whole.  The next step is to publish another book on Transylvania.

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