June 7, 2011

Dracula is a Money Business

It appears that Dracula is a money business, in other words this means that someone wants to make money with the character... I've noticed that sales for Dracula the un-dead by Dacre Stoker are going up....

The thing is that I suspect that there is a movie in the works....

Not to suggest that this is a bad thing, but you know, one can not relate the person of Vlad Tepes and the character of Count Dracula as being the same person.  I also think that pushing a new character who was a serial killer is a bad thing.

Of course if this means more money for tourism to Transylvania I am all for it. Given that Dracula is a money maker this shouldn't be too hard. There are more than one city related place in Transylvania that would be helped because of this.

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