Who Was Vlad Tepes' First Wife?

In previous posts, I've talked a lot about Vlad Tepes, or Count Dracula, and I've also touched upon his extended family. A topic I have been meaning to touch on is the first wife of Vlad Tepes, and I'd like to talk about how she has worked herself into the Dracula myths.

Not much is known about the first wife of Vlad Tepes other than that they truly did love each other; this was uncommon in marriages during the Medieval Era. They were also very loyal to each other. Vlad Tepes trusted his wife rule in his stead while he was away fighting. After one battle, word got back to Vlad's his wife that he had died in battle. In truth, he had not died, but believing that he had, Vlad’s wife threw herself off a cliff and killed herself. Vlad eventually did remarry.

Things were a little different in the Dracula myths. It is always reported that Dracula’s wife was killed, that she was murdered by someone. There are some myths where she was killed by followers of Dracula. In the 2013 Dracula T.V. series Dracula’s wife was killed by the Order of the Dragon. Dracula never takes kindly to who kills his wife. As with real life, Dracula’s wife was the love of his life. There is also an addition to the myth that is not in real life. In all of the myths, Dracula’s wife is always reincarnated.

The movie Dracula: The Dark Prince focuses on the reincarnation of Dracula’s wife. In this film his wife was killed by followers of Dracula who were rebelling against him. The film focuses on the reincarnation of his wife and how he tries to win her affections. In the film, Alina, the reincarnation of Dracula’s wife, hates all vampires. Dracula has to show Alina that he is not the monster that most people believe him to be. Alina is also a vampire hunter in the film. She is not your typical weak woman waiting for a man to help her.

The 2013 T.V. series Dracula, also has a fair amount of focus on the fact that Dracula’s wife was reincarnated. In this series, her name is Mina Murray. Mina is a medical student in the Victorian Era. She is one of the top students and is a woman who thinks scientifically. She did not believe in the superstitious world. I am not going to spoil what happens in the show. If you want to find out if she ends up with Dracula, you will have to watch the show.

The point I am trying to make is that the wife of Dracula is not a stereotypical woman of the era; she is a woman who thinks for herself. In the Dark Prince movie, she is a vampire hunter who is an amazing fighter. In the Dracula TV series she is a medical student. It was not the easiest thing for a woman to get into medical school in Victorian England. Dracula’s wife was an independent woman — at least her in her reincarnations.