February 9, 2012

Queen Marie and King Michael of Romainia

Below are images of a family. They are part of the Royal Family of Romania, and two of them are famous in their own right. Queen Marie of Romania was the consort of King Ferdinand of Romania.   You can see her in the center of the top photo with her husband on the left and her eldest son on the right.

This son would become Carol II of Romania.  When his father died he did not become king.  Carol II had renounced the throne, and his son Micheal became king in 1927, at the age of five.

This photo of  Michael of Romania was taken during his second reign. His father Carol decided to come back to Romania, and he took the throne from his son. Later Michael regained the throne and proved to be an effective leader. He mentioned several time he learned a lot about running a kingdom well from his grandmother, Queen Marie.
Just like many historical leaders, such as Roman Emperors, who worked hard to create a dynasty, King Ferdinand and Queen Marie created a dynasty.

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