Online Writing Sites

Are online writing sites good for you if you plan on writing in a niche market?  If you are a writer you will need to consider how much time to you to spend on these sites. There are many out there, and many who will 'make you money' but certainly not as a rate you would hope for.  Here are a couple of examples of some older online websites.

Hubpages- This is also a great site to try out, and if you need some followers for your blog a good starting point. You write hubs on various topics that can potentially make you money. Now they do not pay you directly, but they do pay you if some one clicks on your Google AdSense ads or amazon or eBay. Please note a bit more knowledge about how the search engines work are a must with this site, if you want to make money or get paid more frequently.  The key to success is also in the profile which you use and how you display your work.

However, the drawback to hubpages is they spend a lot of time saying you will earn money, but if you don't know how to effectively promote your writing on the many social networking sites, you won't.

Most of the time, both these sites offer little in the way of monetary value should you need to earn something quickly.

The best online writing site for writers is still your own blog or website.  With these sites you can earn and learn more about how you can grow as a writer.  If you are writing in a niche market, people will see your blog as a place to read and write.  Online writing sites, especially with a niche market such as Transylvania or Romania means a blog and a website is a must.