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Things about Transylvania is a website where we have a lot of people who are interested in some of the more interesting or popular posts, or even articles we've done.  

This was begun in 2008, and has two main writers who write here. We do accept requests for writing  blog posts, but some don't make it here. Below are some lists and explanations to why they are added here- or elsewhere.

The Thing about Google AdSense:  An online article which is due to a reader request on Things about Transylvania, but which we decided to put up there since it does not deal directly with Transylvania or with the country of Romania.  Getting traffic to a website, and then earning some income, is important, and in a niche market it is vital to continue to have traffic.

Transylvania and Romania are both niche market and there are still many things to talk about with both areas.

Buy WindStone Dragons:  Another one of our online articles, people have enjoyed this for the views of all these dragons.  We had a request to write about dragons and Transylvania from a person who wanted to know about collecting dragons, so we put it on an online article site for people to enjoy.

AuthorHouse Series:  The ever popular Series on the Vanity Press Known to many as AuthorHouse.  We put this in our Living a Life of Writing website since, that deals more with writing in general.  Also, our book, In Search of the Lost Ones was written without using AuthorHouse so it doesn't deal with Transylvania, but it is one to read should people decide to write and publish a book.  This is one of the many pages on our writing website, Living a Life of Writing.  Many people who follow this website, follow here, so readers are encouraged to share ideas on Transylvania and Writing with us.

We have some strong views about publishing with this vanity press which we hope is made clear there.  We will continue to share these view on the writing website, and we will continue to write about authors of Transylvania, or those who focus on Transylvania here.

However, this is one of our more popular blog posts, and it is about Romania Hungary and Transylvania.  We focused on the history of between the people and the place that we all know and love.  Please be respectful when commenting, as we have chosen to moderate our blog post comments due to some very inappropriate comments.

We have also written about Transylvania and Dracula, and this is one of the original posts that have been on the blog for a while.  Dracula, or Count Dracula is a popular character in the Gothic lifestyle so many people want to know more about him, and the person he was based upon.

Transylvania: Hungary and Romania, Whose View is Correct?:  What you need to know when you receive emails such as this.  We talked a bit about this on a blog post, but have chosen to add it to an online site so that people can access it here and find out more.  This is one of the longer emails, and also one of our longer answers to this question.