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The ever popular Romania, Transylvania and maps:  This post discusses some of the maps that many people see when they look at a map of Transylvania and Romania.  Maps have always played a role in how we see Transylvania and how we want to build the history based on what people saw it at the time when the maps were created.

Have you ever wondered where a place such as Transylvania is located?  Wonder no more, as one of this blogs most popular post is Where is Transylvania?  This not only goes into a bit of physical geography, but it touches on the history between Transylvania and the countries it has been a part of.

Knowing where Transylvania is in terms of its location is important.  Knowing where Transylvania was during each of the World Wars is vital to understanding what happens in Transylvania now.  World War II meant that Transylvania was not all a part of one country, and the end of the war proved even more interesting.

Since this blog began most people have looked to its first post-- on Dracula and Bram Stoker to understand what this blog is about, and recently it has become a very popular post.  Count Dracula plays a vital role in tourism in Romania.