Changes For The Best?

Transylvania always was a land in flux, often because of the area which it was situated. The peoples and the area were highly valued by many countries and warlords.

The Hungarians were one of the many powers who controlled the fate of Transylvania. Many Germans argued that Transylvania was a free state and the land produced well and the people lived in harmony. The information given orally tells of similar things except...

This is the perfect myth.

Most of the peoples fought for rights and they battled a lot for the right to control their destiny. The Romanians wanted freedoms and often the power of the Germans settlers and Hungarians would not allow for this.

The other groups would fight between themselves to gain more power of more rights. This came to an end almost. In fact it never has.

The Romanians for now have the area and most of the other groups have left. In time this may change it all depends.

Even now, the area was never as peaceful as many of these groups like to make themselves out to be.

More myths and realities about Transylvania to come.