A Honey Jar And A Myth

Vlad died like any normal man would. Or perhaps not, he was killed in battle, either by a Turkish arrow or one of his own men. Whatever the means, he was dead. Now that he died, his enemies the Turks needed some way to make an example of him.

The Turks were brilliant. A little tasteless. But brilliant, they put the head of Vlad inside a jar of honey. This way it would remain in a better form until they presented it to the Sultan. I am quite sure the Sultan was happy to see his enemy dead.

Vlad's death would grow into a myth. One of them was a jar of honey. Some say it truly happened while others suggest he was simply left to rot where he lay.

Whatever the means of his death, the memories were strong enough that many people wrote about it. There is never enough information to allow for a true event of history.

Like Transylvania Vlad is surrounded in mists, and to aid these mists are hundreds of stories... and movies, at least his homeland is getting a good commentary for all this.