The More...

The most common question which I receive is "where is Transylvania?" no joke here. Or "Is that where Dracula is from?"

Transylvania is located in the northern part of Romania, bordering on Hungary. Once it was a part of Hungary.

The second question requires a bit more explanation. Vlad Dracul, the man, was born in Transylvania but he never really lived there. His kingdom was in what is now southern Romania.

The more things change the more they stay the same.

I wish that it would be easier to explain. It would also help if more people might know of the people and not the legends... I suppose it could be worse.

My new book on Transylvania Saxons in World War two is coming along well. I hope to start sending it out soon, maybe I should enlist the help of Dracula or some werewolves?

More myths to come.