Native To Transylvania?

Vlad was born in Transylvania. His father was Wallchian, part of present day Romania, and was its prince. Except that Vlad's father got driven out of Wallachia. His son was born in Transylvania where he took refuge.

Does that make him a native of Transylvania? In a sense yes.

Though there are examples of how royalty tend to bend the rules. Remember the crown prince of the former Yugoslavia? he was born in Britain, but the government made the room he was born in part of the country of Yugoslavia.

Many Romanian today consider Vlad to be their native son, they are right on two fronts. Transylvania is now a part of Romania, and Wallachia, where Vlad ruled, became Romania.

For lack of a better ideal yes Vlad, born in Transylvania is a native to Transylvania.

More myths to come...