The Pied Piper And Transylvania

The Pied Piper was a person who,according to myth, played his music and took the children away in Hamelin to the hills where they swallowed them all up.

Robert Browning, a poet, wrote the poem "the pied Piper of Hamelin" at the end he suggests that the children went to Transylvania.

Myths such as these give rise to the idea that the Transylvanian Saxons came via the mountains to Transylvania.

In fact the Saxons did. Almost. They came under the invitation of a King of Hungary. Not much is known about him except he actually existed.

In Germany there is a village by the name of Hamelin and the church there does have a stained glass commemorating the missing children of the village... some theories suggest that they did go to Transylvania under this invitation...

More Myths to come.