Waking Up History

Transylvania is the Latin name for "Land beyond the forest"

It really is in a forested area still, but nearly a thousand year ago, it had more forest and other wealth which one group craved. The Romans.

The tried many time to conquer Transylvania and the neighbouring area. They even named the area "Dacia" the settlements can still be found in many parts of Transylvania and greater Romania.

It took many years to gain a foothold in the area for the Romans, but it also was a way to protect them against the stronger forces of the barbarians (as they were known) from the east. Rome was under attack, yet used the passes of Transylvania as a defence,

Unlike what the Kings of Hungary would do later, they put their armies inside Transylvania and added their beliefs to the population. When the armies for Rome left legend has it that everyone left. This may not be the case since most of the poorer farmers would not leave their land, and most likely remained,

If this is the case, Transylvania has so much more to offer then anything else known in the area.