A Wife He Loved...

Vlad lost his first wife. He fought hard against the Turks. But his loss outweighed the victories he had over his enemy.

It was in fact the enemy which prompted his wife to commit suicide. They were nearing the castle and she did not want to become a slave-- or so people tell it. This much Bram Stoker had correct when he wrote the novel "Dracula" The river below the castle is named in her honor. The Lady's River.

What is ironic is that the love he held for her history never recorded her name.

Funny what happens when people die for their selves. Vlad's wife died to escape slavery. Vlad, though later ran to save himself. Later he would remarry a Hungarian Princess. He would make sure his name lived on in history.

His wives, through him did so as well. They often times did not have names, simply dates. This was love.

The Saxons of Transylvania wrote about him as did the Russian and Romanians. Most of what ended in Western Europe came form the Saxons, and they never liked him.

But Vlad had two women who did love him. He wasn't all that bad.

More myths to come....