Travel Times

It is hard to believe that most of the roads in Transylvania are not as good as the roads in Canada. But then again drive Highway 1 and you'll get a good idea.

In Transylvania many of the roads are paved and well kept for tourists. This is the important point. For Tourists.

The rest are gravel or dirt, and are not as accessible by car. In some pictures which I've seen are the villages in the Northern part, and some in the south where the center of the village road looks well, okay a potholes with roads type affair.

Then some don't have roads which are pave merely a gravel road. That since the early 1990s seem to not been fixed.

Perhaps it is because the land is largely inaccessible and largely since many of the people live in the larger cities in the area and the smaller villages are overlooked due to the Communists drive to make huge common houses int eh large cities and tearing down the smaller villages. To help grow and build "large cities"

That all ended in 1989. But, the villages are still hard to come by and have few basic needs met. Just as it was in the early part of the century.