And So

There is one person whom I have failed to mention for a long time. She was known as the Countess of Transylvania.

Truly a modern day Dracula. Some said she killed over 650 people-- more specifically young women and girls. To keep herself young.

She married but kept her own name, which was more "powerful" than that of her husband. She developed a taste for pain in others and when drawing blood, found that her hand looked better and more youthful.

Later she would torture girls and drain them of their blood. Her end only came when she started to kill aristocratic girls, which was of course, noticed by many.

As she was a noblewoman the judges did not try her, instead they walled her up in two rooms, with a space for food to come in. There she died.

Her name, Elizabeth Bothary, Countess of Transylvania


Lori said…
It's Elizabeth Bathory, not Bothary. Just a typo, I assume, but it's worth setting it right.