A Caring People?

I doubt that anyone will argue with this statement:

Nobody really knows where Transylvania is.

This is very true since now that I interview so many people about their lives in the area, that I find myself explaining where this land is.

Yes, in Europe. In Romania.

I also find it hard to imagine how easily people forget that Europe changed a lot since many of the peoples of Transylvania left the are. For hundreds of years there were tiny little dukedoms and principalities and kingdoms and small sized Empires. In fact, not until 1871 was there a Germany.

In 1867, that is when the Austrian-Hungarian Dual Monarchy came into existence. Poland was not a country until 1919, and then not there from 1939 until 1946 when the winners of the Second World War, brought it back.

The only thing which I can say about Transylvania was that it was very lucky not to have a civil war, as many groups lived in the area.

Funny most people for all their "knowledge" do not understand why this place has such a significance. It is one of the few place in Europe where different groups of people lived in a small area without major warfare between them. A country or so over from Romania is a prime example. Yugoslavia.