Differences Held

I understand so much more about Transylvania now than I did so many years ago. I also understand what minorities went through to get where they are in life.

The funny thing is that once you are a minority who stood as victims no matter how much power you get, the idea of being a victim remains as part of you.

Sad but true.

I wonder how many people would be aware of plights of the Hungarians in Transylvania during the inter war years or the Germans or the Roma, or Serbs or any other group who lived there during the time when Romanians once victims became more powerful.

Still, persecution of so many people tells more of the tale where people live in fear to tell history to the younger generation for fear they can be harmed. This is not right in any sense.

History should not be forgotten, but it is a three edged sword, your truth, their and the real truth.

Dracula lived as a man and is a great hero to Eastern cultures yet in the West is a feared person due to history being altered.

What will be left of this land once history is forgotten from it?


Lori said…
Transilvania has been originally a part of Romania. It is the heart, the origin of Romanian people, a nation born out of the native Dacians (who lived in Transilvania) and the Romans.

Romania as a state was formed late, but the three Romanian provinces (Transilvania, Moldavia and Valahia) have always spoken the same language and had similar culture. Hungarians occupied Transilvania, not Romanians, who just received it back.

Anyway, this is a very treacherous historical ground and it often depends on which part's history you are reading. I am Romanian so I am going to defend mine.

This is also a very delicate matter between Romanians and Hungarians.