Sumbling Through Paper History

From time top time I stumble upon an old bit of paper, which I would normally throw away. Except being my father's daughter I have to look at each piece I throw out or recycle to see if it's important.

This was.

It is the end of the Transylvania Saxons in Romania, as they were all leaving for Germany. It was because they were to poor, it was to hard, people were dying. And to my amazed eyes, this article was in Time magazine.

Along with it was a piece written by my mother hoping to write about the Saxons of Transylvania. Which is what I am doing now. For some reason this gives me hope. Maybe because through my little book some history will come alive.

I am also wanting to write a bit on the Hungarians of the area. I have contacted the Consulate General of Hungary in Vancouver and still no such luck. One day.