Anybody can find a good dracula?

Can anybody find me a good picture of Dracula?

I'd love to write my little heart out on his exploits but I am needed a good picture or two.

Comments please!

What I do know is that according to Saxons of Transylvania Vlad Tepes Dracul (Dracula) was born in Transylvania and became the "heartless" Prince of Wallachia.

I'm a Saxon by ancestry, but I wonder about that commentary. The Romanians don't seem to have as much hate for him. In fact tehy put in in a more positive light.

Of course they admit that he did commit many--let's be politically correct here-- human right violation our the course of his reign but still he did help with the fight against the Turks.

I wonder if there is another side to the man that the Western population is not getting from their sources.

It's also a great time to sit down and read Bram Stoker's Dracula again, as I am trying to get something good from that as well.