Advice to Royalty... Think of Queen Maria

Dignity. Duty. Honour. Dedication.

I suspect that these values are enforced to each person who is a member of the royal family. It would be upsetting if the King or queen acted in an manner different to that.That doesn't mean that each person is successful in doing this. Some of the best, held these traits in high esteem and were beloved by the people because of it.

Others did not do this and lost the esteem of the people. Queen Maria of Romania had the fortune of having two mentors that showed her how to be unique but hold dedication and duty above all. King Carol of Romania, her uncle by marriage, and her Grandmother Queen Victoria.

Because of this, her dedication to the cause of Romania, and to the good of its people gave her a lasting loyalty from them. She was instrumental in the Paris Peace conferences, to double her land. She honoured her husband by remaining dedicated to him, they remained married for more than 30 years, and to Romania.

Why do we remember her in such a manner and not, say her associates?

Over the next few blogs, I'll be going through some of the associates of the Countess of Transylvania, and Queen Maria.