Before they were Queens

Before Queen Maria of Romania and Queen Mother Helen died they became a bit of legends in their own right.

Their past is far more interesting, and unique.

Queen Maria was born in England a granddaughter of Queen Victoria, through her second son Alfred, she wouldn't have become Queen had she not married Crown Prince Ferdinand of Romania. She had a budding romance with her cousin Prince George of Wales, later King George V. Her mother quashed that. For there she was married at seventeen and went to Romania. It wasn't until 1915 when she became Queen, and earned her place in Romanian history at the end of the war.

Queen mother Helen, on the other hand was born in Greece, but she was a great-granddaughter of Queen Victoria through her mother Sofia of Prussia. Her life in Greece was not easy. The family was united and close. She would go on to marry Crown Prince Carol of Romania, the marriage was not happy but they had one son, the future king Michael. Her place in history was assured during the Second World War. She saved a Jewish family, and gained the respect of Romania through her good deeds.