Friends and Transylvania

I recently received an email from a long time friend of mine: To save time I'll insert what she had to say about Transylvania

So you get a feel she is from North America. She likes to travel but hasn't been outside of North America. She loves everything to do with the Windsors. (Britain's Royal family)

"I don't really get your obsession with Transylvania and all, and why you do this blog... Isn't that where Dracula came from? Of course, your ancestors to, but they are very European... Does Romania still talk about restoring their monarchy, say one of the Windsors?... I hope that Romania has a good tourism industry because one day I'd love to go and see Dracula's castle"

This is a real email, and she is legitimately asking. I wonder how long my email will be after this, but I think it is a good thing to show people as this way shows how little many people often know about a land and its people.