Here's you Chance to Talk about Transylvania!

What do you think is the most positive thing about Transylvania?

By positive I mean what you feel helps Transylvania make it so unique and vibrant. I want you comments about culture or people. I do know about the history, so a rehash of it doesn't really help.

Also you can add what you think each culture did to make Transylvania a better place to live:

For example: The Romanians have spent much money promoting tourism to the region and to the harder to see places. The Hungarians in the regions show much pride in their costumes and historical dress. The Germans living there still keep their traditions and promote tourism from Germany. The Romans gave the land ancient buildings which people come to admire.

Those kinds of things. Name the culture as well. It is important to tell people the best things about each culture, as this is what this blog is promoting.

What else is great about Transylvania? Things that you couldn't find anywhere else.

No quotes from wikipedia please, as it is often inaccurate, but telling a great book to read is okay, as I can read both English, French , and German , so for me to sit and read a book in another language is good for me, keep s my mind active.