I stand Corrected On Queen Maria

When I took over writing this blog, I never expected to learn this much about Transylvania.

I also never expected that people would help about smaller things. Thanks to everyone.

Great job on the castle in Bran. I double checked, and sure enough you are correct. Now I'll need to write a bit on Teutonic knights so that I write about those topics. Along with going over the lives of the Countess of Transylvania's associates, which will be later today.

For the next bit, feel free to comment about anything on this blog, as The more the merrier. As for Queen Maria, she was beyond instrumental in created much of what is Romania today.

For a great book about her you can find Born To Rule. by Julia P. Gelardi, this gives a outline of the lives of Queens Maud of Norway, Sofia of Greece, Alexandra of Russia, Victoria Eugenia of Spain and of course Maria of Romania... they were all Granddaughters of Queen Victoria.