A little Walk in Transylvania

I expected some to stay.... I expected some to go back

That was the common refrain of the Transylvanian Saxons when they left in 1944. At least the northern part of Transylvania. the left because of the advancing Russian troops. What of those in the South?

They were sent eastward into Russia. Into the Russian Labour camps. If you're wondering go and check wikipeadia, and type in Transylvanian Saxon. You'll find some interesting things there, but not much.

What could be done to protect these people not much. I suspect it is one aspect of History that most will not speak of. I wonder what would happen if people began to talk to World War II in an academic manner, probably most would not like to hear much about it. At least not from say the Russian or Hungarian or Romanian point of View.

I am hoping that I'll be able to meet with some of the consulates soon. I'll tell you what happens in each blog.