Queen and Kings of Transylvania

I think I got many people there.

Transylvania had in fact three Kings and two Queens.

Queen Maria and King Ferdinand of Romania and King Carol II and King Michael his queen ( though not crowned in Romania) Queen Anne.

The first King Of Romania Carol I and his wife Queen Elizabeth did not gain Transylvania in their lifetime. The territory only increased after the First World War and by this time King Carol I had died, as did his wife.

The other person in this picture is Queen Mother Helen, King Michael's mother. She was never Queen as she and King Carol II divorced before he gained the throne of Romania. She did acquire the title of Queen Mother, after her son came to the throne at the age of five.

What about Queen Maria?


Anonymous said…
What about Queen Maria?
You've never actually told us.
John said…
What was important about Queen Maria of Romania to teh Saxon people?