Transylvania and Heritage Part II

Comments are always welcome! Welcome to the new followers of Things about Transylvania, good to have you here!

While I continue on my journey to find an aspect that Romania and Transylvania have that the rest of the World knows about, and is correct, I'm working at the ideals of the life many lead.

I think Bram Stoker, and his novel Dracula, influenced the feel of Transylvania for many years in North America. Many often point out that they can "see" how Transylvania still looks.

The people who immigrated to North America often point out that they have never heard of Dracula before, until they mention they are from Transylvania.

I am not sure why that is. Possibly because we have a misguided notion of history, or we simply don't learn it the way it is taught in Europe. That's to bad really, as one forgets history and then can't understand the beauty of the past and its culture.

For the next few blogs I'll be going through many of the Royalty of the Twentieth Century who influenced Transylvania. I'll be going through some of the leaders as well.

The largest blog series will be on the people, their religion and cultures. I will try not to forget one, but comments are needed. my other blog also deals with Transylvania, as I am writing a book on the subject of Transylvania.