Transylvania and Myths

I suspect everyone is waiting for me to get around to talking about my views on myths.

I do like a good myth now and again. I also enjoy getting the facts. Somewhere in all of the myths there must be a fact or two wandering about. this I am sure of, take for example, the Countess of Transylvania.

One might argue that she was a true vampire... to an extent. She was human though and died walled up in her castle three years after her imprisonment for killing girls. These were girls of noble birth. before it was peasant girls but no one paid much heed.


In the end, she had a link with Vlad, the dragon crest and Castle Fagaras. Also some relatives, Prince Steven Bathory.


Rachel Sentes said…
So are you going to delve into the Myths of the Bathory clan or leave that one alone? I'm related to Dorothea Szentes who was apparently burned at the stake- according to the transcripts. Love to hear your take on all of that!
Unknown said…