Transylvania And Queen Marie Of Romania

Queen Marie loved Transylvania, she had built a palace there for her own use and spent as much time as she could there.

It was she would gained Transylvania and the Banat region from Hungary after the end of the First World War. Always helps to be an engaging personality. She charmed everyone she knew, well almost. President Wilson being the notable exception, though a stroke might have been the cause of that.

Queen Maria was a dynamic person and Queen Victoria's granddaughter, through her second son. had it not been for her mother, Grand Duchess Maria of Russia, Queen Maria of Romania would have been Queen Marie of the United Kingdom.

What about her son King Carol II?


Della L. Marcus said…
I wanted to make a correction to what you wrote above. The castle in the central Romanian town of Bran, in the region known as Transylvania, was not built by Queen Marie. It was built in 1212 by the Teutonic Knights, and Queen Marie used it as one of her royal residences.

It is very good that you mention that Queen Marie played a part in Transylvania and the Banat becoming part of Greater Romania. Unfortunately, many people, even Romanians, know little or nothing about her important role at the Paris Peace Conference which followed the First World War, when the Queen was asked to lobby on behalf of her country. She was a very persuasive person and fought hard for her adopted country.

Her son, Carol II, renounced the Romanian throne a second time in 1940, in favour of his son, Michael (Mihai). He eventually settled in Portugal, where he died in 1953.