Transylvania and Queens and Women

I must say, perhaps my most admired influence is not someone you would expect. If I had to say something about the women who influenced Transylvania, I would say the women who lived and worked there.

It would not be the land it is without farmers and other merchants and the women worked alongside their husbands, brothers and fathers. They worked the land and built the homes and churches and other landmarks.

Yes, Queen Maria did much for the land, making it famous in a positive manner than before. Yes, there was the Countess of Transylvania, who without the peasants girls and minor nobility's daughters, she would never be famous. Yes, Queen Mother Helen of Romania, who stood against the Nazi and saved Jewish families, and encouraged her son King Michael.

It would be interesting to find more about these people. As I have done for the Countess of Transylvania's associates, I'll be doing the same with other women, so that Transylvania comes alive.