What Happened to?

As Everyone has been asking about this I have some responses:

Elizabeth Bathory had some associates who aided her in her quest for beauty I'll list each of them and their fates after the Castle Csejthe was raided and the men found bodies of girls:

Elizabeth Bathory: since she was a noble women she was walled up inside the castle for the remainder of her life. Not convicted of any crime, due to her high ranking family.

Dorothea Szentes: under her claims of being a witch, she encouraged Bathory's more evil tendencies, as such she was beheaded and cremated.

Anna Darvula: she also claimed to be a witch, she was beheaded and cremated.

Johannes Ujvary: Elizabeth's major-domo, found guilty and burned alive. Confessed to the murder of 37 girls.

Iloona Joo: had her finger torn off and burned alive. Confessed to the murder of forty girls.

I am still searching for more on the life of the associates of the Countess of Transylvania. Keep Reading.


Steve Young said…
Check out Memoir of a Countess. There are several references in the back of the book that might help with your search.
James said…
I couldn't find memoir of a countess might it be on amazon?