Where to in Transylvania?

It fun to hear about tourism in Transylvania and many of my friends are big on going the long way to things. This is supposed to be an excellent way to see Transylvania.

Another great way to see something closer to home in Canada at least are the Saxon clubs in the Kitchener Waterloo area. The dress and food are good. If you want some Oktoberfest food and other items, head down there in October, you won't regret it.

Of course, this is one way to see "old" Transylvania, the rest I am afraid is through books, and oral history.

Queen Maria of Romania wrote several books about Romania, and her life.

Bram Stoker did not, though he does mention the area extensively. He didn't go to Transylvania but used London's underground catacombs, as his inspiration.

I wonder how much of his writings have influenced our view on Transylvania. ( In North America) The people were unique, and for the most part still are.

More on that tomorrow.