Austria, Hungary and Romania

What do these three countries, Austria, Hungary, and Romania, have in common?

Okay, since you're reading this blog, than you might as well have guessed that at some point in the countries mentioned above held Transylvania in their possession.

I am not sure, but I feel that each country contributed in both good and bad ways to the growth and development of Transylvania. I am making general comments to help you make your own.

Austria gave Transylvania a chance to "see the West" as the Empire looked Westward to claim its influences.

Hungary gave it a culture mosaic in the early twelfth century with the inclusion of Germans, Wallachians, Teutonic Knights and Hungarians.

Romania, gave it Royalty and books about the area. It also influences the land at present. Transylvania now has a strong population of mostly Romanians.

What part of Transylvania's history interests you the most?


James said…
I am finding this blog is leading in a circular motion.

What do you want people to say about Transylvania? I still do not know exactly where it is located. From what you've given, there isn't much. I'll assume it is in Romania right now.

Where in Romania though?
The population?
The cultures?
In Romania, it is located on the border of Hungary.

As for population it varied, especially during the 1940's

A lot of cultures.