Effects of Transylvania in my Life

It would be fair to say that Transylvania is in my life often. Even though I am born and raised in Canada, I still have a sense of a part of my own life missing.

That was until I found more about the homeland my parents left from. Of course, it is not the same as it used to be, depending on the person doing the talking, Transylvania is better... or worse because of the last sixty years.

Both have valid points, before 1947, there were far more people of different cultures living in the area. Afterwards there were far less. In a way it diminishes the land, since it is harder to find a different point of view or common ground. I am looking for that common ground in my life.

Many of my family have of course, lived in Canada for a long time, but only recently was there an interest in our homeland. During the intervening years, the family welcomed into its life friends from the land they once lived. Hungarians, Romanians, Germans, and Italians, who came from Transylvania.

Last evening we had several of them over, they each spoke of their longing to return but the fear that should they return it will not be as they remembered it. Some felt it would be better others, worse. Each agreed that Transylvania is a special place in their lives.

To me that is the most important thing, and that is what I find in my life, Transylvania, its past and present is important, and I care about the land more each day.