I am Sure that I can find Transylvania on a Map.

I like to read my comments before I post them, mostly because many people give great comments, but there is the off chance that I might miss something of importance.

Such was the case yesterday. Someone commented where was Transylvania?

Well I suspected that I wasn't clear, after all, it is hard to define an area in Europe, but I shall try to do so. I am fortunate that the area in question has not changed much in the past 60 or so years. Although there is one place that faced great changes, it is not where Transylvania is located.

Okay take a map of Europe. Now look to the near bottom right. The countries that you will find are as follows: Austria, Hungary, Romania, Ukraine.

Now Transylvania is in Romania. If you look closely, Transylvania borders on Hungary. Does this help a bit? I am sorry if I confused anyone, but I felt that perhaps I should give people an idea where this place I write about is.

I am passionate about this land and people, and hope that with my blog I might be able to give people a view of this land.