New Series Coming Soon!

We're more than half way through the city series. Now comes the time when I tell you all what the next few series are. I want to hear your voice. Comments are great since this will tell me what will make you want to come and see this series to the end. The next part of the city series is coming this afternoon so check back.

If you feel that I'm missing pieces of information, please post the comment to the city you want more information on.

Here are the series:

Royalty of Transylvania: I'll deal with many of the historical figures of Transylvania, who were royalty (and who are) this will be a 10 part series

Cultures of Transylvania: I'll talk about the Cultures that influence Transylvania to this day. This will be a 12 part series.

Legends of Transylvania... but not Dracula: I'll talk about local legends and how they affect Transylvania in the eyes of the North American culture. This will be a 10 part series.

History of Transylvania. the title says it all. I'll take the cultures point of view and give the history about each, or at least their version of history. This will be a 12 part series.


Unknown said…
Personally, I would love to read about the royalty of Transylvania. I'm a genealogist and I myself have some Transylvanian royal ancestry stemming from long ago. I'd like to learn about it more.