Romania and Hungary and Transylvania

I find that sometimes many people have strong feelings about their homelands. Especially those who live in Transylvania. Each feels that their culture was under valued at some point.

Often from the comments I can tell that I've hit a point that some disagree with. That is exactly what I enjoy seeing from this blog, and on this blog. Keep the comments coming.

I don't think that Hungary or Romania are helping Transylvania, what does help are the people of the country. They make the culture and the area wonderfully unique.

The most interesting thing that I've found in my travels is how much people want to learn about Transylvania, now the question is, what is the best thing that has come out of Transylvania?

Many wonderful and unique and valuable cultures.


Martianul said…
I visited my sister who lives in Cluj-Napoca about three weeks ago and then I took a tour of the region. I love Transylvania, it's a diverse area with so much to see. I live and work in Bucharest and, whenever I go there, it soothes my mind because I forget about the clichees of a modern or postmodern civilisation. For me, Transylvania a sort o refuge from agressive globalisation because there you can find vivid expressions of a specific culture, or, rather of several specific cultures and civilisations. I wonder how come that you are so fond of this subject as I have seen you have posted quite a lot of messages about it. Do you have origins in the region?
Thanks for the this is in teh running for Sunday weekly comments.