Sunday And Transylvania

I wonder what the weather is like in Transylvania right now, of course I could go on the Internet and look, but that is not the point.

Transylvania seems so close to me right now. I've buried myself in reading some books on Transylvania.There isn't much that I can get from or chapters... of well I'll keep looking.

Fortunately I do have some books that were self-published for the Transylvania Saxons who live in North America. I have to take much of what they say with some though as they often give there version history.

It is ironic that Transylvania is such a beautiful land, and yet, so little of it is known to North America at large. I wonder what would happen if Romania, the country, would promote Transylvania as a place to see varied histories and cultures who live in harmony?

It would help the people who live there and would promote Transylvania in a more positive manner than the "Dracula" tourism.

I'll be looking up cities and towns and writing about them over the next few blogs,