Transylvania and the Cities Within It Part 8 of 17

For those of you who are new, welcome. Feel free to leave a comment, this is the eighth city in this series. Take a look at the others, and add to the comments if there is something you think might be left out. If you think that I should add a city please comment, as I'm willing to write about a city sooner, if there is enough comments for it.

Târgu Mureş (Romanian) Marosvásárhely, or Vásárhely (Hungarian), is a city in the center of Transylvania. Its history is a long and strong one, with records dating back to 1300. Over time it was allowed city fairs and a coat of arms.

One of its main features is its culture which is almost evenly Hungarian and Romanian in culture and population.

It has had many times of great economic success, and is the center of a push for an autonomous region in Transylvania.

There are several religious buildings and places of worship. The most notable tourist attraction to me, would be the city hall, though many of the important artifacts have gone missing after the last renovations.