Transylvania and The Cities Within It. Part 3 of 17

This is an ongoing series about cities in Transylvania. I'd love your comments, if you have anything to add about each city, tell me, and I'll add them on my next series. I have about 17 cities I'll be talking about, ones I wish to visit at some point.

This blog deals with one of my favorite people, Queen Maria of Romania. the City is Alba Iulia (Romanian), Erdel Belgradi (Turkish), Gyulafehérvár (Hungarian) and Karlsburg/Weißenburg (German)

For a time this city was the seat of the Principality of Transylvania. It is historically significant for the Romanian and Hungarian population of Romania. It is one of the most beautiful cities that can trace it history back to the Romans. Ptolemy even mentions this area, possibly this city in his writings, but under a different name.

Michael the Brave united Transylvania in 1600 to Wallachia and to Moldova, thus for a time, the three areas of the future Romania were under one ruler. Hungary would use this city as its seat of power, in Transylvania.

My most fondest historical fact I can only imagine. It is the year 1918, and the First World War had ended, The people from the area meet in this city to discuss the fate of Transylvania. The Saxons, the Romanians, and other minorities of Transylvania met there to discuss and eventually agree to unification with Romania.

This would happen in 1919. A new church was built called the church of the Reunification. There King Ferdinand and Queen Maria of Romania were crowned as ruler of Greater Romania. This was in recognition of Michael the Brave.

Another person who influenced and gave his name to the town was Charles Holy Roman Emperor. In the German it is called Karlsburg in honour of him. He was not the most influential of the people but he did give his name to the city.

I want to see the city for its history and also for its links to Royalty. The upper city fascinates me the most. It will be on my list of places I'll see in Transylvania.


PurestGreen said…
I love the photo in your header. When are you heading over to Transylvania? I'm excited for you.
I am planning to take a long trip to Transylvania possibly in the next year. As I am writing a book about Transylvania, I should have some views of the area.
ml said…
Rebecca, Thank you for your interest on the city of Alba-Iulia. It's indeed a very old and full of history city.
Here is, the link to Alba-Iulia Town Hall official WebSite, a brief history of the city:

The union of Transylvania with Wallachia and Moldova under Michael the Brave ( Mihai Viteazul in romanian ), although remarcable at the time, it was unfortunately a short one, from May 27, 1600 up to September 18, 1600.

It took another 318 years, until December 1 1918 at 12AM, when the great event of Romania's history, the great unification of Transylvania with Romania happened.

PS: I'll be at Alba-Iulia next month :-) and will take lots a new pictures.

Your friend from financialtactics said…
I would love to read your book when you are finished with it. I lived in Cluj for more than half of 2007 and just returned from a three week trip in cluj, brasov and bran. I also met my wife in Cluj and we are celebrating 2 years next month.

Many good wished for your travels and wear pockets with zippers (for the gypsies).