Transylvania and the Cities Within It. Part 6 of 17

For those who just joined us, feel free to comment on these cities, and to take a look at the this series, if you have an idea, or city that you'd like me to talk about, send a comment, I'm happy to add, or do one sooner.

This city is also on the border to Hungary, and is a city rich in culture and history. The city of Arad (Romanian, Hungarian, and Serbian) is similar to yesterday's city of Timisoara. It is vital to the history of Romania, in the fact that it was the second city, after Timisoara to rise up against the communist regime in 1989. It boast of many historical firsts.

One of them is the beautiful stone theater, known as the Old Theater. This is the oldest stone theater in Romania, built in 1817. Its beauty is renowned. There is also the Classical theater, built by Anton Czigler, which was built in 1874. The white colums and windows are reminiscant of white Western European Palaces.

For the more religious side, there are hundreds of churches. The Romanian Orthodox church also has a seminary located there, almost as if it is the heart of Romanian Orthodoxy in Transylvania.

Arad also has a strong Hungarian population, and some German population, as well as the Roma population. This gives the city its beauty and movement. Yet at the same time, it gives it the sense of religion and peace that is proper to this city.

There are so many sites I can't begin to say which one I would want to see first. I suspect that I would go and see the Red Church and afterwards, take in a puppet theater, as I hear that this type of theater is one of the best.

I can't wait.


John said…
The red church?