Transylvania and The Cities Within it. Pat 2 of 17

Transylvania has other cities that are unique and have so much history within in them it is hard to begin but I'll continue. If you think I should do a city, you tell me why, and If it's not on my list I'll add it.

The place I'm talking about next I'll be putting a bit of "fun" into it as it has such a long history to tell dates it would diminish what it means to me. The Place is called Cluj-Napoca in Romanian, Klausenburg, in German, Kolozsvar in Hungarian, and Nopoca or Castum Clus in Latin..

This is one of the Northern cities cities in Transylvania and I would say one of the most, beautiful, and exciting. This is of course not saying the others aren't except I know of people who speak of it with fondness.

The Romans legions came to Dacia under the rule of the Roman Emperor Trajan, the legions made it the future home of their seat of the procurator. Thus, Napoca (as it was known.) was a center for the Romans in Dacia. Latin must have been spoken, and the Romans undertook building programs... until 274 and the evacuation of the Kingdom of Dacia. As there are no references to settlement in an urban form this didn't mean that Napoca was abandoned, the fort was to valuable

How the people must have felt when Napoca fell into relative disuse. It was not until the 10th Century with the arrival of the Hungarian Kings, that Napoca felt some form of revival. New building began in this site, mostly wooden though, and Napoca receive a new name.
It was to this city fortress that the Transylvanian Saxons came.

In keeping with the time they renamed it. Klausenburg, which is close to the Hungarian name Kolozsvar. There the city was built up this time, with Hungarians and Romanians, and Germans residing in it. This didn't change for hundreds of years, until the last Century, when many of the Germans and Hungarian population left.

It wasn't until the late 1960's that Clug-Napoca became more Romanian, until that time, the Hungarian population was the largest. After nearly a century there is a revival of fortunes int eh area. i hope this will help people see the ancient history and beauty this area has to offer. Many of the castles are being restored to their former glory, and people are coming to see the botanical gardens.

I'll be talking about another city tomorrow. If there is anything which I am missing ( I'm most likely doing so.) feel free to add in the comment section.