Transylvania and Germany,and the Saxons of Transylvania

I think I am about to surprise everyone with this blog, not because of any controversial statements, but possibly with some facts.

There used to be a strong minority of Germans who once lived in the area of Transylvania and they lived there for almost seven hundred years, having come to the area with an invitation from the King of Hungary to help protect and populate the land, this they did until the middle of the twentieth century. They were ordered to leave the northern part of Transylvania and deported to Russia from the southern.

Okay, now that is the basic outline that most people known as the Transylvania Saxons give.

There are things which I am critical of, as it seems to forget the other people who lived int eh area long before the Saxons came. For example there were many Romanians and Hungarians in the area, and they had large towns and cities of their own.

The other thing that they like to argue is that there were many Germans who came to the area, heeding the call. in reality it was closer to 3,000 people, or 600 families. They also didn't come from one specific area, often not from the province of Saxony.

I suspect everyone likes to say how great their culture is. This is true for the Saxons, they tell of their works in the early period when they first came. it gets a bit vague near the end. Not as many heroes not as many strong personalities.

The Saxons have come to live in many countries beyond the land that they once lived, but romanticism it seems has not died. Some of the more recent author will admit to such but not often. Maybe a hard look at their history will help their culture survive.


Anonymous said…
What else about the Germans? their cities?

What about how each group interacted with each other?
Anonymous said…
Keep an eye on your speeling and grammar.

Also check your content. It's getting repeatative, i wonder if other see it, or they simply don't comment