Transylvania and Royalty

i am fascinated by Royalty and History , and more specifically about history and royalty that deal with the Eastern European area.

I'm interested in the Romanovs, who were the czars of Russia until 1917, and are the current pretenders to the Throne of Imperial Russia. I'm interested in Greece and its kingdom, as well as the Empire of Germany and Austria. The one that fascinated me the most is the Kingdom and Royalty of Romania.

In the early part of the last Century (That would be between say 1919-1947) the monarchy had a profound influence on the lives of the many peoples of Transylvania. They also took much of the blame for perceived failures.

For example when in 1940 the Northern part of Transylvania was placed under Hungarian control it was King Carol II of Romania who received much of the blame and would eventually lose his throne to his son, King Michael of Romania.

I also find it interesting that they have a link with Western Europe, more precisely the United Kingdom. Queen Maria of Romania.

Her grandmother was Queen Victoria. Had she not been married at seventeen to Crown Prince (Later King) Ferdinand of Romania she might have become Queen of Britain. She did have a romance with her older cousin George (Later King George V), but nothing came of it.

Queen Maria did much for the land. Can you name some of the major places she visited or had ties with in Transylvania?