An Art of Progress

I must admit that I've found things in Transylvania have a way of both changing rapidly and remaining the same at the exact same time.

Take for example many of the cities I spoke of a while back, they had many of the firsts in Transylvania, electricity, universities. Each one was unique and still is. Many of them were inhabited by a variety of people,and this aided or hindered the development of the progress in each city.

Not because of people ( they were hard working and industrious.), but either the location of the city, or because the power at the time focused on other cities. There is an art to progress. It adds beauty and value to things. By the same token it doesn't. Many of the cities are unique precisely because they have hundreds of years of history in them. For example Cluj is a wonderful mix of both past and future.

I love Transylvania in both its power past and its present and future. I've been so busy writing about its past that its present is often overlooked, as well as its future. For this there is an art of progress as well.