Death of Transylvania's Culture?

I hope by now you've all read that email, I mean really read that email. Take your time, it's important, it deals with the feeling of Hungarians and Romanians and culture. I would suggest that the email implies something far more sinister, so read on.

I contacted the Hungarian Consulate General. Yes, I got up earlier and spoke with a real person. Now my Hungarian is minimal, and their English isn't great, but we got some things worked out. I'll give you the basic answer to what they said.

Yes, they moved many old documents to Budapest, mostly to protect them, they feared a Russian Revolution in Romania, being so close to the border of Russia. They didn't want their history to be destroyed, especially when many of the churches in Russia were being burned down.

I commented that many churches stood in Russia. The comment was that in smaller towns away from the main cities, the churches were looted and often burned. I could see their point.

I asked about Romania and how they treated the Hungarians in Romania. While they mistreated some, this is what happens when power is exchanged. He was quick to point out that the Romanian, Hungarian and German populations of Transylvania, were all in favor of uniting with Romania. What about the peasants and people who didn't have a say?

That is harder, as there wasn't a vote that would define where people who go. It would have caused chaos and anarchy. Hungary was already descending into that. The Austrian Empire was no more. The priests and Hungarian nobility saved what they felt should be saved.

This gives me a bit more of an answer about Transylvania. It was about protecting their properties, and heritage. I'll be contacting the Romanian consulate today.