Death of Transylvania's Culture?

Thanks to Martianul, who wrote the comment a couple of posts ago, yes I will be sending you an email with the entire email that was sent to me.

I was in fact horrified about this email. My family comes from Transylvania and is of German origin. We would be known as the Saxons. I know about the place through the eyes of the Germans who lived there, and there isn't a time when it is mentioned about cultural genocide.

I contacted the Romanian Consulate here in Canada. My Romanian is passable and the person who I spoke with had a strong grasp of what I was saying.

Her comment to this email, was that yes at the beginning the peoples were descending into anarchy in the area, and there was much looting and loss of homes. But over time after migration and change of population, the people of Transylvania were able to develop a great history.

She was saddened by this email, as she felt that the work that the Romanian and Hungarians and Germans of this area to make it more beautiful is still not complete. As for documents, she pointed out that many of the documents are still there. During the communist rule, she said that there was a strong push to remove documents from the churches and into the state run facilities, but there are hundreds of thousand of documents that can be found for most of the last thousand years.

She was kind enough to send me a list where I could write to for documents. I feel that this has put my mind at ease, but in the same way, I'll still be looking for answers as to why this email came about.