A picture in My head.

If writing about Transylvania wasn't enough I'll be showing some pictures of the land and its people. I've revamped this background to the blog a bit so tell me what you think of it. I spoke of this place before now here is a picture.

It's Bran castle. The castle that Queen Maria helped to restore. It is now the property of the Hapsburg descendants, as one of her daughters married into the Hapsburg family.

Photo is taken in about 1940. This is the view of the church coming from the back. The main entrance is on the other side.

This old photo is special to me as it is one of the only photos taken of the church where my family is from. It is the church where family and friends celebrated their lives and shared hopes and dreams. In 1944, this all came to an end, when the war forced an evacuation of the Transylvania Saxons.

A friend plans to return to Transylvania and I'm hoping to bribe him out of pictures to add to this site.

This is a colour photo of a couple in traditional Saxon costume, I love the bright colours and the white. that shows the wonderful embroidery that must have taken hours to do. In a larger picture you can see that on the woman's red vest, there are flowers of various colours cross stitched on it.

I hope that these pictures will be the beginning of a revitalized blog. Tell me what you think.


PurestGreen said…
Lovely photos! And the new banner is stunning. I do hope your friend takes some photos for you. How traumatic it must have been for your family to have to leave their country.
as said…
Yes, nice pictures. Which save you, what - a thousand words each!?

The new blog banner is indeed stunning, but I miss the old photograph with its poignant fin-de-siècle feeling...
Unknown said…

I really enjoyed seeing all of these lovely photos -- I particularly like the one of the church. I bet it's nice for you to have that token of your ancestry, which you can actually see without even being there.

And the new banner is awesome. The Gothic church against the mountains is very picturesque.
Shalloshado said…
This place reminds me of Count Drakula by Bram Stroker.It took me to my childhood when i read this book & spend many dreadful nights..